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IBQMI® Offers you up to 40% Discount On Student Enrollment Fees

Accredited Training Partners are authorized to give trainings to prospective students, use the highly coveted ATP logo and charge their students using their own pricing model while keeping the full tuition fees.

We have a strong brand that can help you gain instant recognition. Beyond this, we help our partners in their marketing and sales by providing them support and a brand that industry professionals trust. Once we review and approve your proposal to be a partner, you only need to enroll a few students for you to recover your initial investment, this is outside the training fees you will earn from your students. Partners can gain more credibility and attract more students with their IBQMI® status which is a seal of quality and assurance that students can get the proper training to help them receive their certification. ATPs get more exposure by being listed on IBQMI® ATP Directory where organizations and individuals can quickly find the nearest ATPs that meets their training needs. We are giving our Accredited Training Partners (ATPs) up to 40% discount on student enrollment fees!

What is the IBQMI® ATP Program?

IBQMI® established the IBQMI® ATP program (IBQMI ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER®) to qualify education providers and training institutions who seek excellence in their area. With the IBQMI ATP status, you show your commitment to the profession and ensure the implementation of industry-specific methodologies. Your clients can trust that your organization has been approved by IBQMI® based on our quality standards and Code of Conduct. To earn the IBQMI® ATP status, the trainer/education provider must meet the IBQMI’s standards for quality. This status signifies that your organization has been approved by IBQMI® to administer training.

What are the advantages of an IBQMI® ATP status?

Your organization will gain greater credibility and immediate recognition as an IBQMI® ATP. Aligning your organization with IBQMI® will leverage your own brand recognition. Further benefits are:

Further benefits are:
  • IBQMI® offers their ATP up to 40% Discount On Student Enrollment Fees
    Accredited Training Partners working with IBQMI® are authorized to charge their students using their own pricing model while keeping the full tuition fees. You can recover your $800 investment by enrolling just 10-15 students, and even more!

  • Training, Events, and Promotion
    IBQMI® provides an events system for all IBQMI ATPs free of charge. You will be able to promote your training courses and workshops for free and present them to a larger audience, which comes directly from the high-traffic IBQMI® portal to your event site.

  • Quality Assurance
    Achieving IBQMI® ATP status shows prospective students that your organization will provide training that meets the needs of certification holders and an agreed and guaranteed minimum quality baseline

  • IBQMI® ATP Directory
    Organizations and individuals can go to the IBQMI® ATP directory to quickly and easily find ATPs that meet their training needs.

  • Branding
    We will deliver an ATP Partner set to you, which includes the official IBQMI® ATP Partner Logo for your website and business cards. You can promote that you officially deliver training as an IBQMI® ATP.

IBQMI® ATP Qualification Criteria

To ensure quality training in accordance with IBQMI® standards, we take care of the evaluation process. The IBQMI® ATP status is awarded to education providers who are aligned with IBQMI® core values, with mature business practices and courses.

How to Become an IBQMI® ATP

Securing the IBQMI® ATP status is straightforward. To finalize the process, please do the following:

  1. Complete the IBQMI® ATP Application Form. We will then deliver all necessary documents to your email.

  2. Answer this email providing the following:
    1. Evidence of legitimate business structure, such as the Articles of Incorporation or other evidence of corporate entity.
    2. The completed and signed Application Signature Document, which will be attached to our response. You need at least one trainer with an IBQMI® certification. Register all your IBQMI® certified trainers with this document and email it along with your evidence of legitimate business structure.

A Quality Reviewer will be assigned to review your organization. If you pass the QA Audit, we will send your organization acknowledgment of this and an invoice by email, which must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. This invoice includes the non-refundable, one-time application fee of $280 USD and the $800 USD annual provider fee.