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IBQMI® Enterprise enrollments allows you to enroll students in larger quantities by using this order form.
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2Details of enrolled students

We require the complete list of the students full name and email address. The account fields are mapped from this order using their fully qualified names and email addresses.

Please note:
All entries must match exactly or the accounts are not created. The name has to be written exactly as it will appear later on the certificate!

Please enter the name and email of the students. Press the button to add more users.


3Company Information

Billing address
This company address will appear on the invoice. Our address verification checks provide additional levels of confirmation that the person using the card is the legitimate owner of the card. This action will take place to avoid fraud.


4Credit card Information

International cards and currencies
We can accept all major debit and credit cards from our customers in every country in 135+ currencies. You can also use 3D Secure for any payment.
As with billing addresses, we will run a CVC check with the credit card network to avoid fraud.

By accepting and providing payment to International Business and Quality Management Institute LLC, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions by which you are engaging our services. You will receive the receipt and the list with the accounts of the candidates via email. Please allow a processing time of 24h.

Please note:
In the case that the credit card provided is invalid, the transaction will be aborted and IBQMI® will not register your accounts!

Thank you, we appreciate your business.
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