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Agile management has revolutionized the face of the industry. The market has an increased demand for IT professionals with an understanding of the agile methodology and its many flavors. IBQMI® offers Lean Project Management, Kanban, Total Quality Management and Enterprise Architecture certifications. Our certifications are used as a benchmark and a test of your knowledge and competency with the corresponding body of knowledge (BOK).

kanban certification devops

We provide practical guidance and benchmarks in Lean Project Management, Kanban, TQM and Enterprise Architecture certifications
Agile is about delivering value to stakeholders early and often using a simple progression of steps. In our agile certifications, we ensure a foundation of knowledge is applied consistently in all types of business. Our certifications define the roles of professionals in information systems, security, auditing, and quality assurance worldwide.


IBQMI AI SOLUTION ARCHITECT™ – Lead the AI revolution in your organization!!

  • Unlike any other program on the market, this certification combines data science, AI, algorithms, neural networks, and machine learning in unparalleled depth. As businesses increasingly adopt advanced AI technologies, the demand for skilled architects in this field continues to grow.

    Throughout the program, you will delve into a wide range of topics, including machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, data management, quantum computing (qubits), and cloud computing. With these topics mastered, you will be fully prepared to move beyond technical roles and step into a strategic position, leading AI projects and teams to achieve groundbreaking advancements while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Empower your organization with cutting-edge AI strategies to drive growth and innovation.

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IBQMI CERTIFIED DEVOPS MANAGER® – Transforming Cultures, Enabling Teams!

  • This is where the IBQMI CERTIFIED DEVOPS MANAGER® program comes in, designed to equip you with all the necessary leadership skills and knowledge to manage and streamline DevOps operations, drive productivity and ensure business success.

    Throughout the program, you will learn about a wide variety of topics ranging from agile project management, continuous integration and delivery, and automation to Kubernetes, Git, version control, and calculating formulas.

Empowering Leaders to Revolutionize the Future of Business with DevOps

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IBQMI TQM TRAINER®—TQM leadership, quality and excellence!

  • An IBQMI TQM TRAINER® is a corporate senior trainer who interacts with employees on-site to ensure the most effective execution of corporate standards. Understand continuous improvement, statistical process control, product design control and lead your business partners in the implementation of Total Quality Management.

    You will develop and maintain quality control processes and enjoy a position of considerable influence.

Grasp continuous improvement, process control, product design, and guide partners in Total Quality Management implementation.

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  • This is a senior-level certification. It was designed to support companies and agile coaches mastering the transformation of team and organizational structures, management, leadership, and governance. You will learn how to bear organizational culture in mind and the advantages Scrumban offers compared to plain Scrum or Kanban.

    This certification is one of the few on the market to cover most eventualities a team will encounter and the only Scrumban certification. You will support crews and large organizations in evolving new, agile processes that suit them.

Enhance the capabilities of Scrum with this Scrumban certification.

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  • This valuable Kanban certification will help you launch your agile career and will enable you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of general Kanban principles. Demonstrate to employers your level of professionalism in Kanban.

    The –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– is a proven agile team member who promotes a clear understanding of the theory and methods behind the production framework. This certification welcomes mainly team members and developers, but also Scrum masters and business coaches.

Launch your agile career and demonstrate your Kanban skills

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IBQMI CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® - senior Kanban certification

  • This is the only official CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® title on the market that will lead to the protected professional title CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® or IBQMI CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH®.

    With the original CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® we offer the only holistic approach for Kanban on the market! Our Kanban Certification includes not only IT but also Automotive Industry and Continuous Delivery for Industry 4.0. The training material goes beyond IT-Kanban. Learn from experts.

Promote your professional excellence in Kanban coaching!

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CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER® - Project Management certification

  • Establish systematic methods for the elimination of waste within projects. Learn how to lead teams and use continuous improvement to get quality right from the start. Manage even large projects with modern and lean methods.

    This certification builds self-confidence in agile project management combined with lean principles.

Provide evidence of your knowledge, experience and ability to successfully manage a project.

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IBQMI TQM PRACTITIONER® - Total Quality Management certification

  • Lead your business partners in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of Total Quality Management (TQM) programs. Guide this improvement as a continuous effort conducted throughout the organization.

    With this certification, you have solid proof of your knowledge and continuous improvement both personally and professionally.

Lead your business partners in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of TQM programs

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