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Summary of the –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– Certification

This team member certification will teach you what kanban is and why it is so powerful for maintaining the highest level of production without overloading your team or business. As an –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– you will understand how Kanban differs from other methods, and provides the foundation for applying Kanban principles in your own organization. You take care that you and your team colleagues have a faster output and transparency throughout the development cycle. Another major responsibility is to seek continuous improvement of the current agile process within the agile Kanban team. You will gain a solid understanding of the Kanban Board and how it is used to visualise the work-flow.
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  • The IBQMI® certification badge.

Each certificate includes:
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What benefits do I have by enrolling in this certification exam?

This valuable Kanban certification will help you launch your agile career and will enable you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of general Kanban principles. The –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– is a very good certification for members of agile teams, where optimal flow and signaling systems are common. You will learn to work in an agile team under the guidance of a Certified Kanban Coach®. With this certification, you can work as a professional in agile teams who decide to apply Kanban as their primary method.

Additionally, you will learn how to:
  • better adapt to a changing business environment;
  • demonstrate to employers your level of professionalism in Kanban;
  • improve agility with asymmetrical commitment and cadence;
  • manage and evolve Kanban over time;
  • apply Kanban in manufacturing industries and the service sector
Job Outlook Web developers*
15% (Much faster than average)

Median pay for Web developers in this sector*
$67,990 USD

*https://www.bls.gov - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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The –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– is a proven agile team member who promotes a clear understanding of the theory and methods behind the production framework. This certification welcomes mainly team members and developers, but also Scrum masters and business coaches. It embraces a new way to deliver value using Kanban and establishing a Kaizen culture in an organization. You will be able to understand the Kaizen culture and the methods of visual control for the work in your organization. Without prescribing a specific set of roles or process steps, we start with the existing process in your organization, applying the knowledge of our set of agile principles empirically.

The –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– is a well-researched certification developed for people who would like to master the tools and techniques of Kanban principles and demonstrate proven knowledge and expertise. The course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to Kanban principles. This certification is highly recognized by major corporations and experts in Kanban implementation for production and software development.



What does the syllabus encompass?

You will learn how to apply Kanban in manufacturing industries and the service sector. This certification is right for employees and professionals working in agile teams. If you want to learn how to improve agility with asymmetrical commitment and cadence, this is your Kanban 101. You will have an idea of how to manage and evolve Kanban over time. The –IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL®– will learn to work under the guidance of the Certified Kanban Coach®.

What will be my qualification level after passing the final exam?

With this certification, you can work as a professional in agile teams who decide to apply Kanban as their primary method.

The topics of the official training material for this certification are as follows:

  1. Kanban 101
  2. Origin and history
  3. The four principles of Kanban
  4. Implementing Kanban
  5. Push vs. Pull systems
  6. Kanban Board vs. card walls
  7. Kanban Cards
  8. WIP limits
  1. Tracking work
  2. Cycle Time
  3. Lead Time
  4. Total Work in Process (WIP)
  5. Visualisation
  6. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  7. Continuous improvement
  8. Kaizen Culture

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