The only holistic Kanban certification on the market not limited to IT!

With the original Certified Kanban Coach® we offer the only holistic approach for Kanban on the market!

This Kanban Certification includes not just IT but Automotive Industry and continuous delivery for Industry 4.0.

If you want to understand Kanban in a holistic way and get one step ahead, there is no other certification on the market than the IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®

Certified Kanban Coach®

The original Certified Kanban Coach® - Kanban certification course at a glance

  • Benefits for your personal development Use agile business processes and learn why Kanban matters. Understand the concept of 'pull' and how to eliminate wasteful expenditure of resources.
  • Get the official training material included Save $95 USD and get the official training material included in your training. Our training book can also be bought separately at without booking our training.
  • The only official Certified Kanban Coach® title This course will lead to the protected professional title IBQMI® - Certified Kanban Coach® that is internationally recognized by major corporations and can only be awarded by IBQMI®, holding the rights for Certified Kanban Coach®.

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Syllabus of IBQMI® - Certified Kanban Coach®

Certified Kanban Coach®

What will I learn?

You will learn what Kanban is, how it operates, and what advantages it offers compared to other approaches for managing product development. You will also gain a solid understanding of advanced subjects, will learn how to apply Kanban to various scenarios, and will be exposed to case studies and existing best practices.

What is my qualification level after passing the final exam?

With this certification, you can promote your professional excellence in applying Kanban to any environment.

The topics of the official training material for this certification are as follows:

  1. Kanban & Kanban Systems
  2. Origin and history
  3. Toyota’s six rules
  4. Kanban in project management
  5. Implementing Kanban
  6. The three-bin system
  7. Push systems vs pull systems
  8. Kanban Board & Cards
  9. WIP limits
  10. Reporting and Analysis
  1. Kanban Metrics
  2. Little’s Law
  3. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  4. Queue
  5. Buffers
  6. Definition of a value stream
  7. continuous improvement
  8. Kaizen Culture
  9. Meetings
  10. Useful takeaways for final examination

Summary of the Certified Kanban Coach® Certification

certificate for Certified Kanban Coach®
Each certificate includes:
- The name of the qualified expert
- The protected qualification title of which you are allowed lifelong use
- A certification number that verifies the authenticity for your employer
- The signatures of the Board of Directors

The exceptional advantages of our certifications:
- No Hidden Fees! We do not charge membership fees
- You will be listed as a validated expert in our competence center
- Our certificates are valid a life long
- Free training material included with all certifications
- You do not need to renew your certificate

PDU credits -
You may receive PDU credits by enrolling to an IBQMI® certification course. You have to apply for your own credits through the PMI CCRS (Continuous Certification Requirement System). The Project Management Institute® provides an online PDU reporting site, click here to be taken to the site.
Please select "activities offered by third-party vendors". IBQMI® is not a REP training provider. After you log into the website in the Report PDUs subsection choose “Course or Training” as your PDU Category.

For more information about how to Submit PDUs for Courses & Training, visit
Scrum Education Units (SEUs) -
You may receive SEUs by enrolling to an IBQMI® certification course. An SEU® is a credit earned by a Scrum professional for having completed an educational training or learning opportunity that meets a defined set of learning objectives.

You can find all details about Scrum Education Units at the Scrum Alliance website, as well as instructions for registering and tracking your SEUs.

What is the scope and responsibility of this job title?

As a Certified Kanban Coach®, you will ensure the production process runs smoothly by removing impediments and solving conflicts that are hampering the teams’ advancement. Another main responsibility is to seek continuous improvement of the current agile process within the different teams. The Certified Kanban Coach® is a proven and distinguished certified agile ambassador and promotes a clear understanding of the theory and methods behind the production framework by providing training for development teams, stakeholders, and anyone else who could benefit from Kanban. As a crucial link between the different business units, the Certified Kanban Coach® is responsible for transparency and understanding on all sides and must communicate information to the relevant recipient in an efficient and coherent manner.

What is included in this certification?

This online course includes all you need for the exam. We will condition you for the Certified Kanban Coach® training. The official training material as an eBook is included in this certification (you save $95 USD) and consists of a set of principles and business processes aimed at eliminating wasteful expenditure of resources and improving efficiency. This book can also be bought at separately without the training. Our certification welcomes developers, managers, Scrum masters, and business coaches and embraces a new way to deliver value using Kanban and establishing a Kaizen culture in an organization. The training includes Toyota’s Six Rules, a deep dive into Kanban history, and you will learn everything about the key components of Kanban – the WIP limits, Kanban cards, and Kanban walls. You will be able to understand the Three-bin system, the Kaizen culture, and the methods of visual control for the work in your organization. Without prescribing a specific set of roles or process steps, we start with the existing process in your organization, applying the knowledge of our set of agile principles in an empiric way.

Unlike Scrum, the Certified Kanban Coach® delivers methods that do not need any new roles or radical changes. Instead, this certification provides you a smooth and visual way to improve productivity with a minimum of overhead. Mastering our final exam implies reflecting on finished work so that one can learn from experience, and it aligns with performing retrospectives and embracing Kaizen. You will learn the difference between traditional and agile methods, which will use an empirical process. This certification allows you to learn faster and to adapt to the marketplace.

After passing the final exam, this course will lead to the protected professional title:

Certified Kanban Coach®

(This protected job title can only be awarded by IBQMI®, which is the only institute authorized to certify you as a Certified Kanban Coach®)

Why should I enroll in this certification?

This certification offers you a unique opportunity and advantage in the job market. Our 100% online Certified Kanban Coach® course includes all the tools, techniques, and concepts essential for the Certified Kanban Coach® exam. The training material is a set of principles and business processes aimed at eliminating wasteful expenditure of resources and improving efficiency in agile development and management.

According to the International Data Corporation, 63% of hiring managers believe certified individuals are more productive than their non-certified counterparts are. The average salary of a Kanban / Agile Coach is about $95,000 USD ( /

The Certified Kanban Coach® is a well-researched certification that has been developed for people who would like to master the tools and techniques of Kanban principles and demonstrate a proven knowledge and expertise. The course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to Kanban principles. This certification is highly recognized by major corporations and experts in Kanban implementation for production and software development. All our certifications can be validated online and are listed in our competence center.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
IBQMI® offers an array of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in response to inquiries on our certifications and programs affecting the assessments. Bookmark this page for future reference and watch for updates. If you do not find an answer, feel free to use the web form to contact IBQMI®.

Are there prerequisites?

No, the Certified Kanban Coach® training course includes all training material needed to pass the test. The price includes the material, the exam, and lifelong public listing in our competence center.

How long is the training course?

The Certified Kanban Coach® certification is self-paced. The time to complete and pass the test will vary with every individual. It may take several days or weeks of study before you feel comfortable to take the final test. You may take the final exam as soon as you're ready. You have 180 days from the date of purchase to complete the course.

How in-depth is the training?

The Certified Kanban Coach® course provides a high-level certification. This professional development course was designed to teach someone with basic knowledge of Kanban and agile methodology the skills needed to function as a Certified Kanban Coach® within your organization. Many executive jobs today require that their employees have at least a basic understanding of agile processes like Kanban.

How do I learn more about Kanban and prepare for the Certified Kanban Coach® assessment?

The IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach® training material is the first place to start learning about Kanban and an important resource for studying to pass the various assessments available for purchase at However, reading the training material alone is not enough for someone to pass the assessment. Questions often ask test-takers to interpret information and apply it to challenging situations, so knowledge gained from personal experience and other sources is typically needed. The Certified Kanban Coach® training material is freely available to all students who enroll in the training. This book is also available for non-students at for $95 USD. You should familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts found in the training material.

Do I need to purchase books or other training material?

No, all training material is included in your purchase. Our training material provides the coursework to study and pass the test. Sometimes we may recommend a book so that you can further study a subject, but they are not required.

Is the Certified Kanban Coach® test difficult?

A Certified Kanban Coach® must function at a high level within an organization and needs a solid understanding of the Kanban principles so they are able to analyze waste components and create a value stream. This test is timed, so you will not have much opportunity to look up answers to questions. It is very essential that you study and understand the Kanban principles prior to taking the test, otherwise you will not pass!

How many questions does the Certified Kanban Coach® test have?

The final test of Certified Kanban Coach® has 45 questions.

What is the passing grade, and how much time do I have?

The final test of the Certified Kanban Coach® has a passing grade of 65%. You will have a timeframe of 60 minutes, so you will not be able to look up answers to questions while taking the test.

What are the next steps after I pass the test?

When you have passed the test, your certificate will be created immediately for download. The certificate will be registered automatically in our competence center, and you will have the privilege of using the title Certified Kanban Coach® in your CV for a lifetime.

Can I see the answers to the questions after completing my test?

No, it is not possible to provide answers for the tests of our certifications. The answers to the questions are not displayed. This policy maintains the secrecy of our question bank.

What is the structure of the Certified Kanban Coach® test?

All exam questions are multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers and true/false. We do not penalize wrong answers. All questions carry equal weight in scoring. You can go back and answer unanswered questions.
At the end of the assessment, we provide feedback on how well you scored on overall, so you can better prepare your studies for next time. We encourage you to navigate to and review the training material on our website. You may then further improve your skills that need strengthening.

What happens if I don't pass my certification test on the first try?

If you do not pass the exam, you can order another attempt.

I am convinced and want to get certified now. Which steps do I have to take to become a Certified Kanban Coach®?

The first step is to register and create an account. This is free of charge. After you create an account, you should login and start the enrollment. You will be asked for the payment. After the payment process is done, you will be redirected to your activated enrollment.
You now have six months to study the training materials. You can start the test whenever you feel ready. If you are an experienced Kanban coach, you should be able to pass the test by just skimming over the training material. If you are new to Kanban or feel you could use some additional training, we recommend reviewing the training material first before taking the test.

What does the price includes?

  • The final examination
  • Free training material (Amazon price is $99 USD)
  • Unlimited downloads of your stored certificate
  • Lifelong registration as an expert in our competence center
  • Automated validation of your achievement for your employer

What does the certificate include?

The Certified Kanban Coach® certificate includes:

  • Your name as a qualified expert
  • The protected qualification title of which you are allowed lifelong use
  • A certification number that verifies the authenticity for your employer
  • The signatures of the Board of Directors

Can I get the Certified Kanban Coach® through another company?

No, the International Business and Quality Management Institute holds the trademark for this professional training and is the only company worldwide that is authorized to certify you as a Certified Kanban Coach®.

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